Craft Gin

The fertile terrain of Crete, craft beverages and the endless world of flavors and aromas  always inspired us, boosting our creativity.

Charmed by the aromatic, full of character world of premium craft Gins we could not resist the idea of crafting a Gin with Cretan aromas.

We climbed the cretan mountains, walked across blooming plains, fruit groves and exotic juniper forests and composed in our imagination an aromatic bouquet of Citrus fruits, cretan herbs and spices.

Two months later, our cretan craft Gin has flash and bones …

… a multidimensional, bold and expressive in aromas – just like the cretan earth – extract from juniper, cretan botanicals, lemon, orange and Grapefruit skins and spices such as coriander, aniseed and cinnamon.

Representing the new generation of modern ultra premium Gins, our craft Gin is a contemporary London Dry Gin of limited production – small batch distilled – with botanical character and a fascinating aromatic profile which harmonically balances the captivating aromas of citrus fruits and spring flowers with the robust aromatic body of juniper and cretan herbs.

Αn elegant Gin of cosmopolitan attitude, refined nose and long lasting, silky aftertaste which gushes freshness and unrivaled charm.  A Gin that certainly deserves to be enjoyed … Solo, with tonic or as a base for minimalistic, aromatic cocktails.

Sealed in limited bottles of 700ml, Solo craft Gin is only available in selected points of Greece and abroad.

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