Boemissa Hoppy Lager

Our 1st Lager is a hoppy one … and probably the 1st beer that invites you to design your own beer label, as unique as you are A refreshing beer with light body, discreet Chinook hops aromas and artistic character.

The 1st Gin with cretan botanicals

Charmed by the international florescence of the aromatic, full of character premium craft Gins we could not resist the idea of crafting a Gin with aromas of the Cretan earth … the 1st Craft Gin with cretan botanicals !

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Solo Protagonist #1

Just a while before the “worth waiting for” arrival of Protagonist in our glasses … Kjetil gives us a taste of what this exceptional beer is all about !

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Solo Protagonist #1 food pairings

Εach beer has an ideal pairing that brings out more of its character, lifting up our drinking experience ! Kjetil shares with us a couple of food pairings that enrich the savoring of such a special beer as Protagonist …

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Kjetil on Solo Protagonist #1

After one more long day of Solo Protagonist packaging … Kjetil Jikiun enjoys a glass of Protagonist by the fireplace sharing his thoughts with us …

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Packaging Solo Protagonist #1

It takes about 1 minute tο package each of the 6000 bottles of “Protagonist”. This is makes up about 100 hours in total. This is dedication. This is craft.

This is our pride
This is our passion

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Solo Protagonist #1 teaser trailer

Protagonist is a series of unique beers. It is the evolution of an idea that began 11 years ago developing step by step. A series of beers never to be repeated again.

This is our pride
This is our passion

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Solo beer : Zythognosia Athens Beer Expo 2016

With the completion of Zythognosia Athens Beer Expo 2016, we feel the need to heart-fully thank all of you who honored us with your presence as well as everyone involved in the execution of this event, which much more than enabling communication between audiences & brewers, brought together the productive forces of our industry, offering the chance for sharing of ideas and most importantly … human emotions. Let’s not forget that together we can do more ! Thank you all once again ! Cheers !

Solo beer : Dark beers demystified

Τhe brewmaster of Σόλο, kjetil Jikiun, demystifies dark beers and their complex, inner world

Solo beer : Βrewing in Arendal

Solo cretan craft beer brews in the historical Arendal Brewery of Norway until its own facilities in Crete are ready. The Norwegian media where present giving us an insight on the exciting process of Solo craft beer making