From our vineyards in Crete … to the tanks of the Deutsch ” Freigeist Bier Kultur ” brewery and the beer markets of United States and Europe. The 1st contemporary brew with grapes verjuice, as brewed 3000 years ago, arrives in our glasses from Solo bringing the history of brewing into present through a recipe that dates back to ancient brewing times, when the use of grapes from the wine making Southern countries of Europe provided beer with flavor and sugars. Not a few breweries relive this ancient practice nowadays, still none of them has ever used unripe grapes, missing a unique tasting experience of the brewing past.

The “Taste of the cretian sun” is a fussion Gruit with unripe grapes juice from native Plyto variety harvested from our vineyards on the island of Crete along with pomegranate, rosemary, orange peels and ginger, brewed in collaboration with the Danish Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, American Engine House No. 9 and the Deutsch Freigeist Bierkultur. A yellowish brown, refreshing beer of 5% alc, low bitterness and a light body with fruity and spicy notes. A highly technical brew with complex structure that manages to harmonically balance all ingredients, while appointing the leading role of unripe grapes.