The 13th Apostle

Τwo weeks before Easter and almost a month after the release of our “protoplastus” Σολο’s in the Greek market, we found ourselves at one of the most imposing landscapes of Crete to welcome a seasonal beer which we created especially for Easter. Τhe baptism of our Easter inspired brew “13th Apostle”  took place at the legendary gorge of Saints (Agiofarago) in the ascetic mountains of Asterousia, southernmost mountain range of Europe and starting point of 13th Apostle’s tour around Greece to spread the Easter spirit.

Agiofarago and the wider region of Asterousia mountains constituted one of the first and most significant centers of asceticism in Crete, thus are referred as the “Holy mount” of Crete. Τhis place was even visited by Apostle Paul when the ship with which he was travelling to Rome, anchored at the nearby village Kali Limenes where there is also a small islet with his name. According to the legend 300 hermits used to practice asceticism within the innumerous caves of the gorge meeting each other only once a year, every Easter, inside a cavern called “Goumenospilios”. According to sailors of that period, the gorge was shining from distance due to the holy light radiated by the monks. Hermits were seen until the end of the 19th century but others claim that invisible monks still live here appearing only to those whose faith in god is strong.

13th Apostle is a complicated spring brew aromatized with lemongrass & roasted pepper, harmonious tied with the fruitful attributes of Belgian yeast and Citra hops . The 13th Apostle is “Godsent” to accompany your Easter mood…

Wish you all a “hoppy” Easter !

Solo cretan craft beer on tour around CreeceΣόλο founder and brewmaster Kjetil Jikiun