Our Values

Originated from Crete, Σoλo is not just any beer but a craft beer with soul.

Anthropocentric, proud and uncompromising by nature, obsessed with the idea that good beer is a human right, Σολο is addressed to all of you who desire a perfect beer.

Furthermore, rather than brewing for the sake of profit, Σολο creates & experiments while calling beer lovers and enthusiasts for interaction with the belief that much more than beer, craft beer is human contact. In other words, Σολο comes into existence through people, togetherness, friendship and sharing of ideas, emotions and everything that makes our moments worth living for.

Thank you for appreciating craft beer!

Thank you for being part of this wonderful civilization

Our Land


The largest island of Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean sea. Its location at the intersection of three continents, five seas and titanic tectonic plates defined its destiny from birth. Sunshiny and fertile land, birthplace of the bright Minoan civilization, first advanced civilization of Europe, and the king of Gods, Zeus. A fair land in the midst of the wine-dark sea, begirt with water and of exquisite beauty – according to Homer – while a crossroad of civilizations, goods and ideas over the centuries, Crete became the object of desire for several conquerors throughout history.

Crete is well known for its beauty: massive mountain ranges with wild gorges, fecund plateaus & chaotic caves, endless valleys with olive trees and vineyards, primeval forests and exotic beaches … a land of controversies with rare ecosystems in a constant rotation from alpine to exotic ones, and unique biodiversity, equivalent to that of an entire continent.

At the heart of this land and the country settlement of Kalithea next to Heraklion’s Industrial zone, in a region with long tradition in olive oil production & wine making, you will find our brewery, housed in a contemporary 300sm industrial building. Much more than a craft beer production unit we have created an interactive tap room where we will soon share our knowledge and passion for craft beer and its civilization through seminars, events, tastings, workshops and guided tours …

Our Team

“An organisation is only as good as its people”

  • Kjetil Jikiun
    Kjetil Jikiun Founder - Brewmaster


    Retired airline pilot of Scandinavian Airlines, founder of Nøgne Ø (Norway’s first craft brewery) and first commercial Sake producer in Norway

  • Nikolas Loukakis
    Nikolas Loukakis General Manager


    Travel author and photographer, lover of travelling, good drinks and food

  • Kostis Stavrakakis
    Kostis Stavrakakis Communication Manager


    Advertising agent, producer, writer & traveller

  • Vasilis Vrentzos
    Vasilis Vrentzos Αrea Sales Manager


    Senior Sales executive, lover of food and cretan traditions, former entrepreneur and manager in the restaurant industry

  • Cathie Jikiun
    Cathie Jikiun Export Sales Manager


    Former Export Manager & Kurabito at Nøgne Ø brewery. Passion in gastronomy, beverages, cooking and travel.

  • Achilles Atzemopoulos
    Achilles Atzemopoulos Brewer


    Graduand of agriculture school at technological Institute of Heraklion with long experience in homebrewing. Loves astronomy and craft beverages.