There are lots of trends in the craft beverage market.  One of the present trends is mead.  What is mead?  Generally, it is honey and water and yeast, but surely there are many ways to make a mead more interesting.  Spices and fruits are commonly used.

Two days ago, a friend visited us.  He brought some honey.  Two buckets full of honey, to be precise.  “Make some mead!” he challenged Kjetil.  Kjetil was a bit surprised.  He has made beer, sake, wine and fermented his own vegetables.  He has even distilled his own gin, but he never thought of making mead.  His conclusion:  all challenges must be tried.  So, here we are.  Homebrewing mead and fermenting it with champagne yeast.

You do not get more fun than what you create yourself!

Mead production
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