Τhe spirit of collaboration is in our DNA … a structural ingredient of the idea we daily strive to express. And although we count a dozen of collabs with breweries all over the world, its always a special joy to collab with Greek breweries especially when we share common crazinesss and passion for craft brewing ! And this is exaclty the case when it comes to @KYKAO – Handcrafted from Patras ! The sky was the limit when discussing on what we would brew. The plan we concluded on was to brew the strongest Greek beer while combining experience with impulsive experimentation, heritage with new trends, the brewing tradition of Northern Europe with the wine culture of the Meditteranean. The whole project got bricks and mortar in 4 phases. Two collab brews in Heraklion and Patras followed by two ageing stages in our breweries. The result is a sequence of plethoric Pentadrupels which build their character from special brewing techniques and our winemaking tradition. A sequence of collectible brews of limited edition that combine the complexity of a traditional Belgian brew with the dryness of a Meditteranean wine. A beer stronger than wine that challenges you to age it. As long as you can. If you can. Time counts in reverse from the following week, when the first 2 versions invade our glasses opening the way for the 2 wine barrel aged versions that are about to follow in 6 months. Get read