We have good friends all over the world.  Indeed also in our back yard. When we approached Yiannis Lionakis from Charma cretan brewery and proposed him to brew a beer together he quickly responded that he was all in for this project …

When doing a collab it is important to find the common denominators for the participants. For this collab, we concluded: Charma brews light lagers.  Solo makes heavy ales.  The conclusion: Let’s make a heavy lager. Charma beers have low hop impact while Solo has high bitterness, so again we did an interpolation: Slightly high IBU, but not too heavy hop flavour. And you may ask: what kind of beer category does this creation fit in ? We concluded that an Imperial Pilsner would be the perfect match. We are all very happy with this beer, especially now, with the cooler temperatures of the fall/winter.  It is malt, complicated but balanced.  Slightly warming, with sweet notes, but totally clean !

Welcome to the world of collaborations …  where two or more brewers get the best out of the minds of all parties involved.  We think that this brew exemplifies how good the result can be when great minds work together. We hereby challenge all brewers in Greece to invest on the idea of collaboration.  Through cooperation & teamwork we can make the craft beer industry more interesting offering craft beer drinkers great moments through wonderful, innovative brews.  After all the idea of cooperation lies at the center of an authentic craft brewer’s mindset. Cheers !