While looking at the remaining quantities of malts after a series of brews, we challenged ourselves if we could brew a new beer with what was left. Τhe limited available quantities made this challenge a really hard quiz until a strongly connected with monasteries, beer style, provided us with the solution. But how could we name such a beer, we then challenged ourselves ? Vriskoumeno said one of us Spontaneously ! As an idea, Vriskoumeno is strongly connected with the authentic cretan cuisine, since for ages cretans used to combine only the available, according to season and place, seeds of the cretan nature. Inspired by the same Philosophy our Vriskoumeno is a seasonal, dark Brown Dubbel, that carries the aromatic characteristics of malts and Belgian yeast. Caramel notes of tropical and dark dried fruits, like raisins, banana, prunes, plums, carob etc make this beer ideal for seasonal enjoyment ! Cheers !!